ah’m a case study in ancient
ah’m a test-theory, a cold proof
in ole schoo’

yuh betta seh it wid sum slang
yuh betta suck on aih
chru yo toofs
yuh betta dip evreh adda step rill loa
lak you workin dat ellipticuh 

sway a bit
swang it back
is you ole schoo’, soul schoo’, or no schoo’
“you betta look at me when i’m talking to you”
looking ass
a back inna mah deh
gum thumping, wachy’all know bout dis
be-bop bumpin’

hypothesis in antithesis
a postulate in the posterity
is wherevah

deh fyewcha is hischree

yuh betta stir it wid bof hands
yuh betta wash it lak yuh mad
yuh betta cut it lak y’on’t wanna hurt it
yuh betta throw it in, lak col’hearted jehdge
yuh betta eat it lak its yo last
you betta eat it lak
cities eat young

yuh betta love on ich adda like ich adda is yuh
yuh betta grind hips lak yuh wan mash yam tuh flowa’
yuh betta grand dem hips like yuh tryn’ mash cassava tuh grits
yuh betta weah dat head dress
yuh betta spen’ a week’s peh on jewels
you betta come inna pahty glowin’, all ahs on yuh
dancin’, boppin’, steppin’ in ‘tween congas, cabassas, ‘n snares
clappin’ in da onleh sahlence in a sowng
movin’ on duh off, not dih’on

you betta play dese thirsty niggas off each adda
you betta love dih womxn in yuh
you betta love the womxn dems ’round yuh
cuz deh dih only one can really love yuh
all else scur too easy

ebrybaddy else can only worship yuh
and yuh know worship is wort’less
when di rum an blood drah up

worship wort’less
after all, widout devotion
yuh the fleshen vessel fuh potent potion

cuz yuh ah

case study in ancient niggas
a test theory in how we do
a cold proof in dih ole school
a hypothesis in ancestors
a postulate in possible

yuh a manifestation
and a misdirection
a mandate, of yet destruction 

of all the scientific truths
an ah calls yuh


Featured Image: “Sweet Devotion, Holy Union, Under Oshun’s watchful eye”, Drawing in a mural, wspj original