a love like
going to the grocer
to get “a few things”
marching up and down aisles
with no plan of attack you end up
hugging a pantry
close to your be-bopping chest
cans spilling all over
thudding through the hum

you weren’t ready
to be this full
you weren’t ready
to be this fed

you’re hanging on
to twists and turns of plot and passion
as precious
as a can of
pinto beans on sale for 79c

and you don’t know what tomorrow holds
so you’re holding on
because you got more
than a bargain

and a knees pleading

gone to the place of confession
to restore a right
to communion
and the touch of flesh on lips
and tasting the drip on tongue

they need only say the word
to heal

you only said “a few things”
you only said “what you needed”
but now you’re hanging on to
a clean up on aisle 8
and go back to get another
with no time to grab a basket

cuz although you only said “a few things”
you finally had the audacity to say things
things you can’t take back.


Featured Image: “City In Blue”, portrait by WSPJ