tell me tell me
turn off the telly
what space is it

is it space to roll the belly
i frankly dont think
folk ready for this post-existential jelly

betty betty no sweaty
chim chim confetti
monkey business so heavy
on your mark get setty
you niggas not ready!

break. out.

bodies, move
by rhythm
juicy bones alluding
tales untold
colluding with vibration
conspiring with ancient
plotting and drawing lots
sketching aftermaths
and post-geometrics
into a
well stomped out
ground up
fine and refined


we kick up
and thwarted attempts on our lives
we crush back into paved floor
old thresh, holds of
the limit is undefined and yet we are ever approaching
assim- no, we do not total
we do not
we do
we kick up, stir up, chop up, clap up

lost methods of time keeping
lost methods of time reading
lost methods of time seeing
we tell space
we measure time
we pofoni, fish catcher
we asafo, warrior people
we agama, strong and mighty
we kromanti, people of spirit tongue
we cimarun, an elusive bunch
we bucky, we big bout deh and we don’t fret no one no where
we don’t worry about the law, we let the law do the worrying

we in cahoots with vibration
we in concert with mystics
we in rhythm with tomorrow

bodies telling space
what space is it? does anyone have the space? is it space to go yet? space is money… space is money… don’t waste my space… my space is precious…. hurry, hurry, hurry, we are running out of space


we wanna
we, we, we, we
we wanna
we mama
we hey nah
we deh yah
we skin deh daak
we chat de heavy
we wiri deh tuff
we spice deh hottt
duom kro deh bang up
how comes yuh nuh ramp wid it?

we wanna else where
we wanna else when
we wanna somewhen else
we deh bout somewhen somewhere else
we else
we other
we one
we somewhere when else than here and now
but we do it here and now.
you see?

bodies telling space
but measuring the perimeters of time
filling the area, the circumference, the volume, every angle
every planar metric, every dimension
of time.
but telling space. but keeping space. but making space. but saving space.

flipping inverting
and multiplying matter

for the lot drawing, plotting
colluding, conspiring, secret keeping
opaque and cloudy mystics esoterics
sketchy after maths
and dodgy poly geo metrics

styled to max
but mixing, matching, remixing mashup clashing
way past genre

we need a romance nonframework for “they” and “them”
and a personification of the
space between beyond binary
telling space between beyond dimensions
baby hop up in my box
in my dms
my direct messages and dimensions
and hit me with the mentions

for the styled but non-genre…

if we dont move to rhythms unheard
alluding tales untold
my god
our future will be


Featured image: Figure 17. Pofoni. Agama. Asafo.