your beauty.
your humility.
your glory.
your arrogance.
your oozy ass, sticky like real hive honey arrogance
your fears
your pain
your sex
your joy
your close the blinds and dance in a room alone joy
your grief, your
your close the blinds and weep in a room alone grief
your dreams
your victory
your triumph
your disobedience, defiance, indifference to the norms and principles, you after all are pieced together out of the crumbled and dispersed bones of your ancestors which this world has always wanted dead
your don’t give a fuck.
your diligent and attentive care.
your softness
your fluidity
your frozen in time unwillingness to be moved by those tears which would not wipe your own
your you-ness
your divinity
your ability to lift up others
when you haven’t even gotten up
your demand that they lift you up too
your holding on to their legs and arms and not letting go until they lift you up too
your willingness to be lifted up
your lightness
your darkness
your heavyness

your power

are all

visible to me
and i dance sing shout pray and cry

are past and possible

are visible to me
and i don’t just love worship and adore
but i see
you and you

more than matter
you and you
i see


featured photo: “footprints on a trampled heart floating in the ocean blue”painting/assemblage. original.