all kinda niggas!

friendly niggas.
hostile niggas.
scared niggas.
jealous niggas.

niggas in the bodega during they man’s nem shift.
niggas on the corner talking shit.
niggas gossiping about “bitches”.
niggas “bitching” about “bitches”.
niggas “bitching” about gossip.
niggas pouring tea hot
niggas in the salon talmbout “put that new solange on”
niggas who still like they nails long

niggas on the the back of the bus.
niggas in the front of the class.
niggas across the street.
niggas playing cards in my backyard.
niggas at the market.
niggas at the mall.
niggas in the oval office.

niggas in police cars.
niggas driving police cars.
niggas killing niggas, dressed up in police uniforms.

niggas in army fatigues.
niggas with chronic fatigue.
niggas with chronic anything just to get some chronic.
niggas with medical marijuana cards, and no medical insurance.
niggas retired to their mattress after their nightshift.
niggas with cash stashed under said mattress, but no retirement plan.
niggas with no plans to retire.
niggas who can’t even guarantee they’ll even live that long.

heavy niggas,
sweaty niggas.
niggas waking up with cold sweats.
niggas in shock.
niggas in pain.
niggas scared to relive that again.
niggas with PTSD, living in warzones.
niggas who got metals, but no honor, metal stuck in thighs.

niggas with brothers and sisters missing.
niggas with kids.
niggas who regret having kids.
niggas who live for their kids.
niggas, not victims.
niggas as survivors.

niggas who got one more strike, before they are fired.
niggas who are late, because of the train.
niggas who are paid late.
niggas hired last.
niggas paid less, and even less than a man.
niggas who get home and wish they man would listen.
niggas wishing.

niggas without gender.
niggas without religion.
niggas without respect.
niggas without hope.

niggas with degrees.
niggas in white coats.
niggas in nice suits.
niggas in paid-for houses.
niggas working twice as hard.

niggas regardless.

niggas doing over time for nikes.
niggas doing time over nikes.
niggas doing time making nikes.
niggas in line for nikes.
niggas on death row.
niggas doing life for three strikes (and ain’t playin’ no baseball).
niggas assaulted and abused by guards.
niggas in cages over drugs judges abuse.
niggas being silenced on that matter.
niggas being silenced on all matters.
niggas who don’t matter.
niggas don’t matter.

niggas in church.
niggas in the club.
40 little niggas and one teacher.
niggas tryna teach with low pay.
niggas giving back for no pay.
niggas trying to reach for something higher.
niggas trying get lifted.
niggas tryna retire.

niggas with no plans to retire.
niggas not even sure they’ll even live that long.


and if all you see wrong with this picture
is ‘nigga’
or niggas
it’s not niggas, or ‘nigga’
that’s the matter

when niggas and ‘nigga’ don’t even matter
the matter
is you.