in other news
from my youth, I’ve known
in my soul:

Blck femme run shit.
Blck womn feed family twice the size
with half the pay.
Blck womn hold community
up, down and together.
Blck womn mourn many too fool to mourn or worship Blck womn.
Blck womn raise America.

Blck womn, head of household.
Blck femme defy bleek fate.
America, land of waste and greed, should try out
Blck womn, as head of state.


you will struggle
but in time you will win
so fight on


no matter
   how            you look
  when            you lay down
                  and wake up

you must try
              to love

                          your body
 for the beautiful way it works
                          so hard
  carrying protecting and loving

our bodies
        are nothing

of which
        for which
                 in which
                            to be




Featured Image: Black Femme Rebel,  WSPJ Ink Drawing, 8in x 11in