it’s ok to be sad
ok to let others help you
ok to be alone
ok to be struggling
and ok to be strong
ok to be mad
to not have all the words
to those who’ve always loved you
you can always be heard

ok to dance to music
ok to sit and think
ok to dance all alone
ok to bump, ok to grind
ok to spill your drink

ok to say no
ok to scream yes
ok to give opinions
ok to love sex

ok to be awkward
better yet be weird
ok to dread that anyone
might even find out your fears

ok to miss people who don’t miss you
ok to ignore people you love too much
ok to delete contacts from your phone
and still dream about their touch

ok to quit some days
ok to work until you’re done
ok to feel like you’re on your own
ok to find the one

ok to be a disaster in the kitchen
ok to be mamas holiday rival
ok to like nice things and money
and ok to focus on survival

ok to pick fights when you’re pissed
ok to make sure they still care
ok to back down and listen
ok to curiously stare

ok to break down
ok to build up
ok to spill
ok to fill up

ok to believe in higher power
and ok to highly doubt it
ok to come from money
and ok to really be about it

it’s all ok
because you’re ok
and I’m ok
when you’re ok
we’re ok

I mean look at you
look at you

a science and a song
just look at you

you could do no wrong.