god appeared to me
in a dream
reassuring me
she has control
of everything.

wish I had known
She was tryna get ahold
Of me

god appeared to me
showed me everything
Told me nothing
was beyond her
For the depth
Of the here
The now
Be here right now
Be still some how
And know

god appeared to me
In a dream
Sang to Me lowly
’til my eyes
Weighed down

Oh sweet

god came
And told me
you do not own me
A man you are, only.
She told me
To let her do her thing
and that through her
I could do me.

Allahu Akbr.

prayer was invented
by and for those who were
captivated by a fleeting glance of the undeniable,

in beauty and pure desire.

prayer is the work of romance,

as you pray they turn back around
and look at you.

or talk to you.
or that they,
subject of undeniable desire
at least pray
the same about you too.