what does it mean to have a crush
on someone you barely know.

unnecessarily intense desire.
and generally improbable fortunes.

sarcastically, i tell my self.
“good luck, joe.”
out of my league,
gonna need it.

reality is a ‘no’
‘no’ if you’re lucky
“you’ll find someone”

“someone” sounds yucky
there was something
about this crush, something
crazy it may seem, maybe

orange and fizzy
it’s not coca cola conventional
unexpected, totally unintentional

but you’re no chooser or decider
you’re homer on a single wave
and you’re not cozy with Poseidon

just hang in there
no one owes you anything
sit tight, my advice, heed it or leave it.

can’t get who you want
but here’s a dose of your pride
to swallow when you need it.